Who worked hard to make Spaceu2019 possible? Here's the team!

Spaceu2019 required a lot of background work. We recruited a solid team of experts on electoral rights and, in some cases, skilled translators to gather all the relevant information and make them available in each of the EU's official languages. Experts of web developing, graphic design and communication - in addition to administrative management and back-end inputting - then completed the team. Here's the full list:

Project implementation
Lorenzo Cicchi

Project coordination
Diego Garzia
Alexander H. Trechsel

STATLAB contact (technical implementation)
Mihkel Solvak

GLOBALCIT contacts (country experts recruitment)
Rainer Bauböck
Jelena Dzankic

Country experts
Jean-Thomas Arrighi de Casanova
Ieva Bloma
Dimitris Christopoulos
Stephen Coutts
Corina Demetriou
Alina Dobreva
Isabel Estrada
Kasper Møller Hansen
Kristina Ivanauskaitė-Pettinari
Mari-Liis Jakobson
Jana Jaseckova
Raphael Kies
Piotr Korzec
Lukas Linek
Louise Nikolic
Catarina Oliveira
Alina Ostling
Marta Parades
Johanna Peltoniemi
Szabolcs Pogonyi
Dorota Pudzianowska
Nastasja Reslow
Julija Sardelić
Dan Schmit
Sorina Soare
Dejan Stjepanovic
Guido Tintori
Gerd Valchars
Daniela Vintila
George Vital Zammit

Additional translators
Koen Docter
Alexander Marinov
Tia Reimer-Elster

Web designers
Lorenzo Corsani
Simone Ottaviano

Graphic designer
Giorgio Giamberini

Communication specialists
Martina Popova
Elena Torta

Administrative management
Ingo Linsenmann
Joanna Zofia Wielgo

Back-end specialist
Alberto-Horst Neidhardt

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